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3CX Partner

Managed IT Services

As a 3CX Bronze Partner, we are committed to delivering high-quality, reliable, and scalable Unified Communications solutions that empower our clients to communicate and collaborate effectively while driving business success.

MY IT RAIN offers expert support and guidance throughout the implementation and maintenance process, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience. Our solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of each client, providing customized configurations and integrations to optimize their communication workflows. With 3CX's flexible architecture, we can scale solutions seamlessly to accommodate growth and evolving requirements.


Our cost-effective approach leverages 3CX's innovative licensing model, delivering excellent value for our clients' investment. Through advanced features and seamless integration with other systems, we empower our clients to enhance collaboration, improve customer service, and drive business efficiency.


  • Easy, low-cost subscription.

  • Live chat, SMS / MMS, Video Conferencing included. 

  • Can use existing hardware / lines. 

  • Integrates with CRM systems and MS 365.

  • Fully Managed and Supported by MY IT BRAIN. 

  • Available On-prem, Private Cloud or Hosted by 3CX.

  • Free apps to facilitate remote working. 


Purchasing 3CX is a straightforward process that can be initiated by contacting us directly or using the provided link here. Upon reaching out, our team will promptly assess your communication needs and guide you through the selection process to determine the most suitable solution.

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 Hear What Our Clients Say

Great work! The team is solid, efficient and knowledgeable. They have become familiar with what and how we do it. As a result, they have helped us streamline our processes, create efficiencies and are always an email or phone call away. We are lucky to be able to count on them for our IT business needs!


Managing Partner, The Localization Factory

Working with MY IT BRAIN means we get all of the support we need and always receive top-notch customer service and trustworthy IT management. When we have issues, MY IT BRAIN is quick to resolve them and my team is able to stay on track and be productive. With MY IT BRAIN, we’re in good hands – they’re worth every dime!


Sales Director, Dex Imaging

Installed our security cameras at our business as well as updating some network issues. Great company, always on time, pleasure to work with, quick to respond and follow up on all questions, detailed, honest, and great quality workmanship. Highly recommend!


Owner, Brickell Bay Animal Hospital


SUCCESS, our proposal for your business.

The success of our long-term business relationships is the result of the effort to build trust, loyalty and good communication with each client. That is why we are committed to providing the best IT experience to each of our customers; and we are especially grateful for each new opportunity.

We make the difference not by giving you what you expect, but what you deserve, a consistently high-quality service.

Adrian Tregent

Founder | MY IT BRAIN

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